Announcing World Product Day 2019 – the World's Largest Product Management Event


去年,on 23 May 2018,we celebrated the first everWorld Product Day– a day all about shining a spotlight on our global tribe of product people,把当地社区联系起来,突出产品管理的工艺,and having fun along the way.On Wednesday,2019年5月15日我们又回来了,and this year it's going to be bigger and better than ever.

World Product Day 2018 was a celebration of the first ever 必威体育手机客户端ProductTank meetup which took place on 23 May 2010.第一个ProductT必威体育手机客户端ank发生在伦敦的一个小酒吧里,and 25 interested people turned up.

Although the 必威体育手机客户端ProductTank community has grown significantly since then – there are now meetups in more than 175 cities around the world – the original spirit of a community run by (and for) product people still holds true.2018年世界产品日,我们通过联合起来利用全球社会的力量:

  • A global community of over 150,000 passionate product people
  • 必威体育手机客户端90个城市的产品罐会议,覆盖43个国家(您可以找到所有175+个ProductTank会议必威体育手机客户端在这里
  • 超过20小时的大容量产品,必威体育手机客户端starting in Australia and finishing on the US West Coast

We reached over 12 million people online across the globe throughout World Product Day.


从谈论他们进入产品管理之路的人那里读到这么多个人故事真是太好了。推特was ablaze with updates from local 必威体育手机客户端ProductTanks and the livestreaming of events.

This year,we're excited to unite the product community once again and are planning a multitude of activities to encourage conversations about our craft and connecting people from one side of the globe to another.You can expect more local meetups,livestreaming of events,在线对话,还有更多。

必威体育手机客户端ProductTank Birmingham and Regional ProductTank Co-Ordinator (Europe),凯吉阿德德吉世界产品日:

世界产品日真的激发了我们当地的产品人员,participating in an event which celebrates our part in the wider global product community.它汇集了我们的常客,并吸引了新的产品社区成员,他们已经成为常客。

We'll be announcing more details about the activities taking place on the day and how you can get involved very soon but in the meantime,get 15th May in your diary,然后在办理退房手续www.worldproductday.comvery soon.




马丁埃里克森拥有20多年为全球品牌(如Monster)在企业和创业环境中打造世界级在线产品的经验,金融时报,Huddle,and Covestor.He is the Founder of 必威体育手机客户端ProductTank,该产品的共同创始人和策划人,以及在领先的私募股权和风险投资基金EQT任职的高管。他也是畅销书的作者Product Leadership,How Top Product Leaders Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams(奥赖利,2017).