Prioritization: How to get rid of Those Pesky Bugs?

BY Emily Tate on March 18,2019

作为产品顾问和培训师,I hear a lot of similar questions over and over.Many are what you might expect and are regularly debated on Twitter: "What's the difference between a product manager and a product owner?" "How should I manage my roadmap?" "Do product managers need to know how to code?" But […]

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A Product Manager's Approach to Building Integrations for SaaS Software

BY Rajat Harlalka on March 7,2019

软件即服务(SaaS)对客户越来越有吸引力,因为SaaS公司接受提供与其他平台丰富集成的想法。All of which means that open APIs have become an important aspect in driving growth,because a stellar API means that it becomes easier to integrate with your SaaS.Easy […]

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Podcast: Roadmaps,OKRs,Vision and Prioritisation with Bruce McCarthy

BY The Product Experience on February 20,2019

Bruce McCarthy was the president of the Boston Product Management Association,is the founder of consultancy Product Culture and co-wrote the book on roadmapping, Product Roadmaps Relaunched.  He joined us live at the Mind the Product Leadership Forum to chat about how he builds his own roadmaps,prioritisation,product vision,好的,还有更多。报价[…]

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BY Rene Rosendahl on February 1,2019

Prioritization of work is hard: it's often more an art than a science.Unless you work in an organization that has mastered the delicate balance of work from a prioritized roadmap as well as customer requests,you too may often be faced with squeaky-wheel prioritization: The customer yelling the loudest (or the one who last […]

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Escape From the Feature Roadmap to Outcome-driven Development

BY Alice Newton Rex on October 23,2018

I've made a lot of roadmaps in my time.In fact,in the first three years I was at WorldRemit,I counted that I represented our company roadmap in 10 different ways.This reformatting was always an attempt to make the roadmap work harder: to bring more focus,communicate more effectively with stakeholders,keep a […]

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Product Roadmaps in Five Easy Pieces

BY Scott Colfer on September 5,2018 my investor said that I need a product manager to do our product roadmap?" When I worked as a product management consultant clients would often talk about "needing a product roadmap ASAP".So I'd dig a little deeper to find out what they really needed,and it was often a return […]

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BY Emily Tate on August 31,2018

Do you ever feel like breaking up with your roadmap?In his talk from #mtpcon San Francisco,C.Todd Lombardo takes on a topic that is emotional to most of us as product managers – the product roadmap.Why do we Ship the Wrong Thing?In modern product management,we have multiple frameworks and tools […]


Growing up Lean: Lean Strategies for Maturing Products

BY Janna Bastow on March 20,2018

Building an MVP and launching a product is actually the easy part.It's much more difficult to manage a product in its maturity or decline stages,so I wanted to tackle the challenges of a product that's past its initial growth stage,and share some tips on: – How to avoid becoming a feature factory,[…]

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Creating Good Roadmaps: 6 Practical Steps for Product Leaders

BY Matt Walton on February 15,2018

Much has been written about the process of creating product roadmaps,not least the six great articles written by my own team.But there has been surprisingly little written about a product leader's role in the process.I believe the actions of a product leader all too often are the root cause of a "bad" roadmap.Without […]

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Top 10 Product Insights You Should Have Read in 2017

BY Martin Eriksson on December 23,二千零一十七

Every week I curate the best product and design content from across the internet into our weekly product management newsletter Prioritised.Here are the top 10 most clicked articles from the 408 links featured in this year's 51 newsletters – 10 articles your peers digged so much you should definitely check them out as well.[…]

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