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Priming and the Science behind Onboarding


Priming is a powerful psychological tool in influencing consumer decisions and something product managers can use, to great effect, when onboarding new users. In this article, discover how and see examples of effective priming in play.



The answer to these questions is that we are all primed. Psychologists and behavioral scientists define priming as the exposure to one stimulus that influences our reaction to the next stimulus. In other words, it refers to the phenomenon of influencing a decision by introducing a stimulus or intervention prior to the decision.

通过与给定主题的熟悉程度来实现启动作品。我们更有可能与香蕉联系起来(学科)to the color YELLOW(刺激)。随着它们的两个都是一致的,协会(action)很快。没有我们有意识的意识,这种过程发生了。它发生在我们日常生活的众多方面。虽然我们了解引发干预措施是主要是视觉现象,但初步也可以在听觉和感官介质上进行。

Though priming may seem simple and obvious, its power to influence consumer decisions has been proven time and again. In 1999, researchers conducted a study,“店内音乐对葡萄酒选择的影响”to reveal the effects of music on decision-making in a grocery store.

For two weeks, stereotypically French and German music was played on alternating days and the amount of French wine versus German wine sold was measured. The numbers told an interesting story as they indicated that more French wine was sold on days when French music was playing and more German wine was sold on the German music days. A simple, auditory prime had an unconscious but profound effect on customers’ buying behavior.



The Elements of User Onboarding,Samuel Hulick描述了用户船上,因为“将未偿还的uniniveation指引到他们自己的个人承诺的土地”。这是一个如此多产品团队面临的问题 - 我们高估我们的新用户和their knowledge about the product, its utility, and usability.

This is how expectation and reality plays out:

While it’s an effective method to influence behavior, priming is particularly useful and applicable for users who aren’t aware or don’t know (yet) how to use a product or the value that they’re going to receive from using it. In other words, while product teams would surely like to influence user behavior at later parts of the customer lifecycle, user onboarding represents a precarious part of the lifecycle, where a few “wrong” actions or the lack of action can often result in a failed onboarding, and ultimately, customer churn.



当饮品的徽标更饱和时,消费者突然感知柠檬水更甜美。视觉刺激的微妙性使其成为一种强大的使用工具。Visual information can be processed比文本快60,000倍更容易记住。



From L to R: the onboarding screens of Trello, Headspace, and Calm

Headspace’s prime (above, middle) is a calm, relaxed representative of the user, sitting in their living room – it is a personal reflection of the peace of mind and mindfulness that the user is looking for. Calm (above, right) also sets this context in just four words – “take a deep breath”, perched against a serene, blue background.


Setting Context for What’s Ahead

Language learning app用其关键区分器 - 咬合课程的用户推动用户只需五分钟(刺激)。“只有五分钟”是用户每天学习新词汇(行动)的小投资。这是游戏中的主要原子 - 一个要求用户只犯下五分钟的时间。这与其他语言学习应用程序不同,可能会引起所提供的语言或语言学习方法的广度。在两个屏幕中,它将用户介绍两次,以期待明显不同的体验,并让他们准备开始他们的第一课。

期间和排卵跟踪器App Flo的衬垫屏幕

这种micro-interactions方便during onboarding. Some apps deploy short walkthroughs that set context or introduce each feature. This approach works well if the educative content is visual and value-driven. Consider period and ovulation tracker appFlo,三次滑动(刺激),该应用程序向用户提供了一定程度的保证 - 为了确信,更好地了解自己并打开他们的故事。这里的主要原因是在本月棘手的时间内带来令人愉快的舒适程度,以期间跟踪(行动)。当用户第一次转移到应用程序的功能时,此保证将推出。







这种关系建设可以看出strava.(如下,左)也是如此。作为跑步者和游泳者的社会健身网络,Strava应用程序允许他们跟踪他们的运动和健身活动。通过明确列出其电子邮件策略的好处,该应用程序将用户推出了尝试提供的价值。在这里,Strava鼓励它的读者电子邮件– its medium of engagement, and getting due permission to allow this. Both Infatuation and Strava use their permission prompts to establish a relationship with the user.


自行车共享应用程序酸橙(above, middle) is pretty straightforward with its permission prompts –we need access to your地点to find your closest scooter。This direct approach is common among apps – it highlights key features and the core components that drive them. We see this inLifesum.此外,通过通知运行的健康和健康应用程序(上述,右侧)。用户被告知,如果他们利用应用程序的通知,他们可能会更加成功,因为他们使用该应用程序的通知,从而让他们启动应用程序的工作原理。

在这三个例子中,第一刺激突出显示什么access is being requested(电子邮件,位置,通知)。The second stimulus is the为什么(stay ahead of the game, chances of finding bikes, increased success)。这导致舒适(用户的信任), leading to motivation(提供访问)。



Businesses use priming to influence consumer decisions and incentivize desired actions.



从注册开始,船上应该是一个安慰的过程,保证提供承诺。这就是兴奋地适应事物的计划 - 将用户转化为巨大的巨大动机,因为Samuel Hulick将它放在达到应许的土地上。