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Rapid Prototyping – Philip Pantelides on The Product Experience


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For our first episode back after a summer break, we chat with Philip Pantelides, who takes us on a journey through Japan, Indonesia and beyond. (er, Bristol.) As the Head of Product for Premium Services at Cookpad, Philip has become known for his unstinting attention to detail, and taking rapid prototyping to a whole new level.


We set ourselves a really clear sprint question, one that you can answer with a yes or a no… [and] at the end of 5 [user] tests, we’ll know how that the user would have answered that question… Unless a minimum of 3 – usually 4 or 5 – are a strong yes, it’s a fail and we’ll have to go back around again.

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  • Rapid prototyping
  • Cookpad
  • Lean development for apps

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